Thursday 12 November 2015

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Chelsea annual profits

During the 2014/15 season on the 13th of November, Chelsea announced a profit of £18.4 million. They also announced a record turnover of £319.8 million for the year ended 30 June 2014. It was the second profit made in just three years and biggest since 2003, when Roman Abramovich became the owner. This £18.4 million profit is much improved on the profit made two years ago of £1.4 million. The reason for this is that Chelsea made a profit by selling players and from a strong revenue increase. The previous turnover figure was £255.8 million so there was an improvement in that area as well. There is also promising signs as this was increased for the fifth year in a row. This demonstrates the business growth and the increase in commercial income was a big factor for this growth.

Wednesday 11 November 2015


In 1970, Chelsea finished in third place in the league. They also won the FA Cup that year against Leeds United. This was watched by the largest UK television audience for a club match at that time with 28.5 million people tuning in.

Sexton was sacked in 1974 after three years of instability. Chelsea's inconsistency still continued however with relegation occurring in 1975 and 1979. 

On Friday, April 2nd, 1982, Chelsea FC were bought by Ken Bates for one pound. After almost humiliating himself and the whole of Chelsea, the manager at the time John Neal recovered from nearly being relegated from the second division to winning promotion back to the first division a year later. A new commercial era entered football with Chelsea's first shirt sponsor in 1983, Gulf Air. 

In the 1990s the modern Chelsea was created. This started when the owner at the time, Cabra Estates, went bust. Chelsea were founding members of the new Premier League in 1992/93 and they have managed to stay in the top flight ever since. This is their best run ever. Glenn Hoddle took over and decided to purchase many star players and play attractive, attacking football bringing back memories of the old Chelsea. They won many competitions during this period and in 1999 fielded the first ever all overseas XI.

A massive moment for Chelsea came in 2003 when they defeated Liverpool to clinch Champions League football. This was so important as it came at a time when Ken Bates was coming under serious financial trouble. It was also incredibly essential as it convince Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to buy the club on the 1st of July 2003. This cleared all debt and allowed them to buy many expensive players and an expensive manager-Jose Mourinho who has since become the most successful manager in Chelsea's history. He became popular with the media instantly as he dubbed himself 'The Special One' and in his first season, he won Chelsea's first title in 50 years. He managed to retain the next season when he won it again however, disagreements with Abramovich caused him to leave in 2007. 

Chelsea's most historic night happened in Munich in 2012 when they clinched the Champions League, a trophy which had proven too difficult for such a long time.

'The Special One' made a sensational return in 2013 and he won the League again in 2015. 

Years under Tommy Docherty

Tommy Docherty built a new side around the group of talented young players coming through from the youth set up. Chelsea improved and challenged for trophies throughout the 1960s, but they kept just missing out. They were on course for a treble towards the end of the 1964-1965 season when they were in the latter stages of the League and FA Cup and they were also in and around the top of the League. However, while they were victorious in the League Cup, in the end, they faltered late on in both the League and FA Cup. In just three seasons, Chelsea were defeated in three major semi finals and were also runners up in the FA Cup. Even though in a way these signs were promising, they clearly didn't have the experience and resilience to hold out to win trophies at this time. Dave Sexton replaced Docherty in 1967.

Thursday 22 October 2015

1950s and Onwards

A man known as Ted Drake became the new Chelsea manager in 1952 and he improved the club greatly. He had previously played as a centre forward for Arsenal and England. He decided to take away the pensioner crest, improved the youth system and the training regime. He also rebuilt the side for the better making cheap, but impressive signings from the lower leagues. He guided Chelsea to their first major trophy success in 1955 when he won the league championship for the first time. The following season, UEFA created the champions league but Chelsea were convinced to withdraw from the competition before it even began due to objections from the FA and Football League. Even though this was a successful few years for Chelsea and it looked like they would push on, they spent the rest of the 1950s in and around mid table. In 1961, Drake was sacked and replaced by player-coach Tommy Docherty.

Friday 9 October 2015

History and Foundation

Chelsea were founded in 1905 on the 10th of March. Names such as, London FC, Stamford Bridge FC, and Kensington FC were all considered at the time as there was already a team known as Fulham, but in the end, Chelsea FC was the one that was chosen. Their stadium is called Stamford Bridge and it has been their stadium from the start. It is actually situated in Fulham rather than in Chelsea. In just their second season, they won promotion to the First Division. In their early years they moved back and forth between the First and Second Division. In 1915, they reached the FA Cup Final where they were defeated by Sheffield United in Old Trafford. They reached their highest league finish so far in 1920, when they finished in 3rd place. Chelsea attracted huge crowds and they gained a reputation for making big name signings. However, despite these positives they continued on for a number of years without achieving a huge amount of success.

Thursday 8 October 2015


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